Lou Gainor was born in Hull and has lived in the area all of his life. He has been an active Massachusetts licensed real estate agent since 1968, and has built, owned, and managed many income producing properties on the South Shore. Lou is a member of the Plymouth and South Shore Realtors Association, a member of MLS Property Information Network, a member of the B’nai B’rith Realty Lodge, and a member of the Hull Lifesaving Museum. Lou’s hobbies include maritime history, boating, and he hosts his own radio show called “Nautical Talk Radio.” His friends know him as “Capt Lou,” and in 2004, Lou received the Joshua James Lifesaving Medal from Commanding Officer Pat Higgins, Station Point Allerton Coast Guard in Hull. In addition to guiding mariners home, over the years, Lou has also been a shining light to many new home buyers.

Phone: (617) 529-3939

Email: lougainor@aol.com

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